OpenText RightFax

OpenText RightFax Reduces Your Faxing Risks & Saves Money

Simplify Your Faxing with OpenText RightFax

1 Save Time and Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by sending, receiving, and managing faxes from virtually all desktop and email applications, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. You'll be able to send, receive and manage faxes electronically without even touching a fax machine.

2 Reduce Your Fax Costs by Eliminating Extras

You'll significantly reduce costs by eliminating dedicated fax lines, the need to print documents before faxing, the cost of fax cards in MFP devices and lost faxes left on fax machines.

3 Send your Documents Securely

Sending faxes is more secure than email because they are a point-to-point data transmission, meaning no documents can be lost in a chain of communication.

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